In Home Pet Care Rates
Note: Rates apply to both Arlington and Alexandria.

1 Pet

Pet Sit

30 Minute Pet Sit$22
45 Minute Pet Sit$30
60 Minute Pet Sit$38

Visit Flexi-Pack

30 Visit Flexi-Pack$580
20 Visit Flexi-Pack$405
10 Visit Flexi-Pack$210

In Home Care

In Home Care$90

2 Pets

Pet Sit

30 Minute Pet Sit$25
45 Minute Pet Sit$34
60 Minute Pet Sit$42

Visit Flexi-Pack

30 Visit Flexi-Pack$670
20 Visit Flexi-Pack$465
10 Visit Flexi-Pack$240

In Home Care

In Home Care$100

3+ Pets

Pet Sit

30 Minute Pet Sit$28
45 Minute Pet Sit$38
60 Minute Pet Sit$46

Visit Flexi-Pack

30 Visit Flexi-Pack$760
20 Visit Flexi-Pack$525
10 Visit Flexi-Pack$270

In Home Care

In Home Care$110

Other Fees

  • Consultation FREE if you get a monthly contract. $20 for other new client meetings
  • Early/Late visit fee $5 for any visit before 7am or after 7pm
  • Holiday Fee $10 for each visit on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, & New Year’s Day.
  • Meet & Greet $15 if we need to come out to meet you again, after the initial consultation
  • Last minute booking fee $10. Visits booked after 3pm on weekdays, and after 2pm on Friday for the weekend


  • In-Home Care 4 daily visits for when you are out of town, plus the peace of mind that your home and pets are safe while you are away! Your caregiver provides a dinnertime walk and feeding, a late-night potty walk, an early morning walk and feeding, and a mid-day walk. .
  • Flexi-visits These visits may be used any day of the week, at any time of the day. They can be cancelled, rescheduled, & are completely transferable. Early, late, & holiday fees still apply.

Alexandria Office

Office Phone: (703) 838-5898

202 E. Custis Ave. Alexandria, Va. 22301

Arlington Office

Office Phone: (703) 336 7315

5547 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va. 22207

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