Who We Hire

Are you a DoggyWalker.com candidate?

When you become a DoggyWalker.com employee, you become part of a team! Over the years we have joyfully employed:

Family member combinations: This has included many mother & daughters, mother & sons, several sets of spouses and siblings. A great story is of Christine & Cindy, sisters who both worked for Doggywalker.com. One of them is married to a well-known diplomat and she invited my wife and I to attend a ceremony at the State Department where we were introduced in a receiving line to Colin Powell. He definitely got a laugh out of meeting ‘the dog walkers’ at such a formal event.

Military veterans: This has been one of our largest groups of employees over the years. For example, Andrea served in the United States Navy before coming to Doggywalker.com. While working for us, Andrea was accepted into the police academy, completed the required training, and is now an active duty officer with the Alexandria Police Department.

State Department/Military spouses: They have all of the qualities and life experiences that we, and our clients, are looking for. Bridget worked for us for a year and was a huge help with dog rescue and office morale. Now she sends us postcards and Facebook updates from all over Europe. Melissa was a wonderful caregiver who now owns her own business on an Army base in Alabama.

Foreign nationals: (who, of course, have the necessary credentials for legal employment in the US) We love meeting and learning about new cultures from these employees. Fabio served in the Italian Navy for 25 years before joining us. Brett, an Australian, is a musician who teaches music, and formerly toured with Joe Walsh. Daudi came to us from Tanzania, and he is originally from New Zealand, via South Africa. He, and his wife, have both worked for us over the years in various capacities.

Students pursuing advanced degrees. Ashely worked with us in a variety of ways while she was completing her PHD in Shakespearian literature. Saul used to work with us in the office, and is now pursuing his PHD. Many of our employees have walked dogs while pursuing their educations goals. Many of them are students at Northern Virginia Community Colleges, as well as George Mason, George Washington, & Va. Tech.

The leave and return employee: We have had many employees leave, accomplish something else in life, and then return to us. Jessica is probably the best example. In between her stints with Doggywalker.com, she has managed to earn an MBA, spend a year in Iraq, & almost 2 years in Afghanistan. Wherever she goes, the animal lover in her always finds an outlet. Jessica sends us stories about what she is doing to help cats and dogs, from whatever part of the world she lives in.

Other VIPs: We have always employed a disproportional number of LGBTQ individuals, and it will always be a goal of ours to do so in the future. We have employed many people who were looking to lose weight, or to get in shape. We’ve had a few brides-to-be become dog walkers to get in shape for their big day. And, not surprisingly, we have hired lots of people who are pet lovers, and have a variety of experience caring for pets in many different environments.

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