How and when do I get billed?

  • Monthly Contract for 3, 4, or 5 days per week: Payment is due on the first business day of the month. This guarantees your visits for the coming month at the discounted rate. If you begin a monthly contract mid-month, you have the choice of pro-rating it, or paying the normal visit rate for the remainder of that month (whichever is cheaper), then beginning a monthly contract on the first day of the following month. Payment can be made through LeashTime, by providing credit card details to our office, or mailing us a check (due by the 5th of the month).
  • Pet Sitting & Other Visit Series: For your first pet sitting visit series as a new client we require a minimum of 50% payment before the first day of the visits, with the remainder to be paid at the end of the visit series. Before the initial pet sitting visit, we do need to have credit card information on file, or a check must have been received. Future series payments are due at the end of the visit series. Payment can be made through LeashTime by providing credit card information or mailing us a check. Please do not leave payment for your caregiver.

Why are there fees for the initial consultation and meet & greets?

Our caregivers are all employees of DoggyWalker.com and their compensation is commission based for any time they are representing the company, including pet sit visits, consultations, and meet & greets. For the initial consultation, the $20 charge is waived for any new client who signs up for a monthly contract or purchases a Flexpack (30 minute visit pack) or Visitpack (20 minute visit pack).

Can I get a discount if I…

DoggyWalker.com already offers very competitive pricing, especially with our monthly contract. Our goal is to make our services as affordable as possible while maintaining a professional standard and compensating our caregivers accordingly. We also offer flexible package options to provide discounted walks without a monthly contract. Please visit the Rates Page or ask us for more information.

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