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Client Management

When working with DoggyWalker.com clients as the On-Call Manager, you are expected to be at your professional best in your communication style and helpfulness.  Most oftentimes, when an On-Call Manager has to work with a client during an on-call shift, it’s usually because of a complaint or concern.  Unless the concern involves a high-priority or emergency situation, most times the On-Call Manager can communicate responses in a timely manner, even if it is to say that another manager will provide a solution at a later time.

Here are a few common examples of client communication handling during the on-call shift.

Complaint #1: having to do with walks that day (i.e., Did my dog get walked, Why was my dogwalker late?).

  1. First, check LeashTime to see if the caregiver marked the visit complete. Check the phone to see if the caregiver texted a visit report or submitted a visit report through LeashTime.
  2. If no information is available to confirm with the client, contact the caregiver directly, and respond to the client ASAP with the status.

Complaint #2: a client sends an email regarding scheduling and “why are there two walks scheduled for tomorrow?”

  1. Usually, this is a Billing issue when we schedule the purchase of a pack of visits and it’s not a visit. Don’t cancel anything assigned to “Billing Not a Visit!”

Complaint #3: “my dog walker shorted my visit by XX minutes, I caught my dog walker doing XX on my security camera, etc.” or larger issue:

  1. Please respond and let them know the office will get back to them the next business day.
  2. Contact the caregiver directly and inquire about the visit (addressing any concerns the client may have mentioned).
  3. If you cannot get in touch with the associated Caregiver within an hour, still follow up with the client to assure him/her we are working on getting more information, and that we will follow up as soon as we have more information.


  1. Though some customer concerns/complaints can be directly resolved, the majority should be flagged and left for the office.
  2. If the client is extremely upset, please notify the General Manager (or another manager if needed) immediately so that intervention can occur sooner.
  3. If you’re ever in doubt as to how to respond, please contact another manager for assistance.
  4. If they have emailed, do some investigating before responding.
  5. If you are speaking directly with a client in person or on the phone and they bring up a complaint, never accept any guilt, responsibility or wrongdoing on behalf of the business or the caregiver. Rather, apologize for any confusion or inconvenience, and assure the client that we will obtain more information before the office follows up directly the next business day.
  6. If the client leaves a voicemail and asks for someone to respond to them, please do so. If you can help them then do so, otherwise let them know a manager from the office will help them either the next day, or Monday (depending on if it’s a weeknight or weekend).
  7. Do not communicate (phone call, text, email) the Client back past 9 p.m. unless it’s an absolute emergency.


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