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On-Call Communications

The On-Call Manager is generally an expediter of communication, so here are the steps and systems involved in doing so.

Phone calls and texts to On-Call phone

  1. If Caregiver, the name is stored and will show up in caller ID; always answer calls and texts from the caregiver.
  2. If Caller ID does not report the call or text is from a caregiver, do not answer the call.
    • Look up the last four digits of the phone number in the LeashTime search bar to determine if the call/text was from a client.
      The alternate phone number for a client does not appear in search results, so be certain to listen to any messages for a name that would appear in search results.
    • If the number does match a client number, return the call or text if urgent matter. Or you can email the client to let them know you received the message and that issue handling will take place the next business day.
      • If you speak with a client, please create a call log email (template) from the client’s account, changing the email address to info@doggywalker.com and updating the subject line.
  3. If Caller ID reports the call or text from a client, do not answer – wait for a voicemail or reply by text that their communication will be addressed the next business day.  If the content of the communication pertains to a visit during your on-call shift, please respond accordingly.
    • If you speak with a client, please create a call log email (template) from the client’s account, changing the email address to info@doggywalker.com and updating the subject line.
  4. Answer the phone call or return the call as soon as possible.
  5. Resolve phone call or text issues if related to a visit.
  6. Advise caregiver to communicate with the daytime manager the following day or by email or text when appropriate.
  7. Report any caregiver happening to the Operations Manager the following day (or on Monday morning with an email summary).

Phone calls to Ring Central

DoggyWalker.com uses a voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP) system that allows us to operate our main office line by an app called RingCentral.

  1. RingCentral email with MP3 of recording to the Info inbox and notification will pop-up on the phone. Listen to the recording.
  2. If the message is not urgent, forward the entire email with a summary of the message back to info@doggywalker.com for the Operations Manager to take care of and file.
  3. If the message is urgent (client complaint/concern for pet or home safety, etc.), return the client’s phone call and resolve as needed.
  4. Do not delete the original MP3 email or notification on RingCentral.

Checking Emails

  1. Office.outlook365.com from the browser using info@doggywalker.com and l1am@202 to sign in. The iPhone Outlook app is installed on the phone.
  2. Review emails every 1/2 hour, paying close attention to any schedule requests from LeashTime or sent directly from clients. Add your name and “On-Call Manager” to the signature for all emails you send.
  3. For schedule requests for visits happening, while you have the phone, you must respond to them by way of adding the visit to the schedule, assigning the visit to a caregiver, and emailing confirmation to the client. You must also charge the client a $10 late request fee due to the timing of the request; this also needs to be communicated in the confirmation email. *More on scheduling visits in the following lesson.
  4. For any visit reports, sign in to LeashTime and open the visit report for editing (if needed) before sending it to the client.
  5. Any scheduling matters for the time that you are not covering the phone do not need to be addressed; they will be handled per the Operation Manager’s daily activities.
    • If a 9-11 a.m. visit is requested for a weekday, text Robbyn immediately to make her aware before the office opens.

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