A La Carte

Length of Visit1 Pet2 Pets3 Pets
20 minutes (scheduled Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)$21$23.50$26
30 minutes (any time and day of week)$24$27.50$31
45 minutes (any time and day of week)$33$37.50$42
60 minutes (any time and day of week)$42$46$50


Length of Visit1 Pet2 Pets3 Pets
20 minutes, 5x per week (scheduled Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)$340$380$420
30 minutes, 5x per week$390$435$480
30 minutes, 4x per week$335$380$425
30 minutes, 3x per week$275$320$365
45 minutes, 5x per week$610$660$710
45 minutes, 4x per week$520$565$610
45 minutes, 3x per week$385$430$475

Puppy Packages

Length of Visit1 Dog2 Dogs3 Dogs
20 minutes, 5x per week/ 2x per day (puppy package)$615 $670$725
20 minutes, 4x per week/ 2x per day (puppy package) $530$570 $620
20 minutes, 3x per week/ 2x per day (puppy package)$420$450 $480


Length of Visit1 Pet2 Pets3 Pets
10 pack of 20-minute visits (scheduled Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)$200$225$250
20 pack of 20-minute visits (scheduled Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)$370$425$480
30 pack of 20-minute visits (scheduled Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)$525$610$690
10 pack of 30-minute visits anytime$230$260$290
20 pack of 30-minute visits anytime$445$510$575
30 pack of 30-minute visits anytime$635$735$835
10 pack of 45-minute visits anytime$310$350$390
20 pack of 45-minute visits anytime$600$690$780
30 pack of 45-minute visits anytime$850$1,000$1,100
10 pack of 60-minute visits anytime$395$440$485
20 pack of 60-minute visits anytime$760$855$950
30 pack of 60-minute visits anytime$1,075$1,220$1,375


Type of Visit1 Pet2 Pets3 Pets
Almost Overnights (2 hours in the evening, 1 hour the following morning)$99$99$99

Misc Service Offerings

Service OfferingPrice
Late fee: visits done between 7:15pm and 9:30pm$5 per visit
Extra Early/Late Fee: visits done before 7am and after 9:30pm$10 per visit
Holiday Fee: see website for applicable holidays$10 per visit
Midday Late Request Fee: for same-day visits after 9am$10 per visit
Pet Sit Late Request Fee: Mon - Thurs after 2 pm for same-evening/following morning before 9am OR Fri after 2 pm for same-day through Mon before 9am$10 per visit
New Client ConsultationFREE
Meet and Greet with caregiver$15

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