DoggyWalker.com Caregivers

Will the person who comes for the initial consultation be the same person who will be caring for my pet(s)?

Not normally. We have one of our managers come over for the initial consultation to make sure we can answer any questions you have about the overall process. We are happy to schedule a meet and greet between you and your caregiver before or soon after visits begin, which are $15 per visit – as the caregivers are compensated for their time.

Can I hire my caregiver directly from DoggyWalker.com?

Please do not place your pet caregiver in an uncomfortable position by offering them employment apart from DoggyWalker.com. Our caregivers are contractually prohibited from soliciting or accepting employment directly from DoggyWalker.com’s clients.

May I give my pet caregiver a gratuity?

You are welcome to give your caregiver a gratuity, although it is not expected. You may either give it directly to your caregiver, address it to your caregiver(s) and send it to the office, or include it in your payment in our system (LeashTime). No matter how you do it, 100% of the gratuity will go directly to your designated caregiver(s).

Can I get the personal cell phone number of my caregiver?

It is company policy not to give out our employees’ personal cell phone number or other personal contact information. All scheduling and caregiver communication must be done through the office to ensure that nothing gets “lost in translation” and that communication between you and DoggyWalker.com remains direct and accurate. If you would like for the caregiver to call you at the time of the visit, he/she can do so using the telephone at your home or use the office as a go between.

How do you choose your pet caregivers?

DoggyWalker.com’s goal is to ensure the safety and security of our clients, their pets and their property. Our caregivers undergo an interview and screening process before they are hired, including reference and criminal background checks. DoggyWalker.com’s caregivers then complete a training and testing process, as well as ongoing training programs (e.g. first aid, equipment, etc.). We understand that it can be a little scary to have someone you don’t know coming into your home which is why DoggyWalker.com takes the time and effort to seek out only the best caregivers. Many of our caregivers are military or foreign service spouses, moms returning to the workforce, graduate students, and recent retirees. Most importantly, our roster of caregivers have all demonstrated compassion and love for animals.

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