I’m going away for a week next month, will you pro-rate the monthly contract?
Since the monthly contract has been set up at a discounted rate (a 30 minute, 5-day monthly contract walk average is ~$17 for one dog, and ~$19 for two dogs) and you pay for the monthly contract at the beginning of the month with a “use it or lose it” policy, we do not credit back any payment for walks that are not used. In a situation where you know ahead of time that you will be not be needing all your walks, we can check to see if it would be less expensive for you to pay for visits individually as opposed to the monthly contract, but you must notify the office before the 1st of the month. You are not committed or tied to your monthly contract, so if it’s cheaper for you to switch to a Flexpack of visits for the month you don’t need as many visits, we are happy to make that switch – as long as it’s been done before the 1st of the month.

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