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Using Restraints

  • All dogs are to be collared and leashed prior to exiting their home. At no time during the visit is any dog in our care to be off-leash even if the pet owner has requested or given permission.  Dogs with homes with fenced yards may be permitted outdoors without a leash -at times of animal behavior or medical condition –and only if the fence is complete (no gaps or holes in the fencing).  You must be present with the dog(s) at all times while in the yard.  The collar and leash are to be removed only when the dog is secured indoors, after the walk. The company leash policy is mandatory and must be followed at all times.
  • Unless a cat is an outdoor cat with his/her own access to the outdoors (a cat door), you are not to take cats outside of their house. Even if the owner requests the caregiver take the cat outside for sunlight, fresh air, grass-eating, etc. it is against DoggyWalker.com policy to do so.
  • Dog caregivers are to be fully aware of activities outside when walking dogs. While the dog in your care may be socialized, you cannot anticipate another dog’s reaction should you come across one during your walk. When approaching other leashed dogs, pay attention to how the dog’s owner is acting.  Is the owner pulling the leash closer, moving the dog closer to his/her body, or making the dog sit down over to the side of the walkway to let you and your dog pass? Any (or all) of these movements may indicate that the approaching dog is not a social dog, may be aggressive, doesn’t care for your dog, etc. If you have any concerns about the behavior or reaction of an approaching dog, move to the side of the walkway or cross the street. You must remain alert and exercise good judgment on your walks.
  • Pay careful attention to what the dog smells or noses when in your care. Do not let the dog sniff or nose excrement. Sniffing excrement can pass worms or other illnesses and viruses from dog to dog (and in some cases from dog to human) so it is important not to let the dog do this. Also, be on the lookout for trash, food, chewing gum, cigarettes, bones, etc. Eating any of these things can make the dog sick or cause the dog to choke.
  • When walking a dog, be sure to have the leash securely in hand. If using a regular lead leash put your hand through the loop and wrap it at least once around your wrist and hand, or secure the loop over your thumb and grip the leash in your hand. Retractable leashes cannot be wrapped around your arm so it is very important that you have a firm grip on the handle and keep an eye on the dog being walked and your surroundings. Please do not use a retractable leash if you are not familiar with a dog. When in doubt, a regular leash is always best. In fact, it is a good idea to keep one with you for unexpected situations!
  • You have the responsibility to keep management aware of any changes to a pet’s routine, schedule requests by the client, etc. If you receive a note from the owner addressing any kind of scheduling request, concern about their pet’s behavior, visit instructions, change in routine, etc., contact management and pass the information along soon afterward, either with a phone call or in an e-mail. The pet’s profile will need to be updated and the information is helpful should we need to follow up on a situation or assign a substitute or new caregiver. Also, any changes to a house -either when visiting it or as relayed by the owner – are to be communicated. For example, should an owner install an alarm system in his/her residence, the information relevant to that system will need to be recorded.  If you notice any change to a client’s house (e.g. unlocked doors, deactivated alarms, or visible damage), please notify management immediately. If a pet vomits, exhibits a noticeable change in appetite, is lethargic, or becomes aggressive, barky, anything out of the ordinary this information MUST be relayed to management at the end of the visit or shortly thereafter.

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