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Visit How-To

Before the visit begins…

  • Read through the profile at least once before starting the visit.
  • Ensure you have the correct key and are at the right address.
  • Have access to cleanup bags, a pen, and a notepad.

Know these visit objectives:

  • Walk or other exercise.
  • Bathroom behavior.
  • Sufficient supply of clean water.
  • Treats (if allowed).
  • Visit report.
  • Securing the home.

Starting the visit

  • Ensure you have the LeashTime application open and that you are signed in.
  • Unlock the door and enter.
    • Keep all keys on the key ring/carabiner at all times.
  • Mark your visit as “arrived” in LeashTime.
  • Disarm the alarm if present.
  • Greet the dog(s).
  • Let the dog out of crate, pen, or room if present.
  • Secure the dog(s) with provided restraints.
    • Dog(s) in your care are never to be outside off-leash.
  • Make sure you have your keys and phone on your person.
  • Exit the home for a walk and lock at least one lock on the door.
    • No need to arm the alarm while out on a walk.
  • Ensure that any cats living in the home do not get out!

Walking during the visit

  • Be aware of the environment!
    • Do not interact with other people or animals while walking a client’s dog(s).
    • Avoid being on the phone (calls and texts) when outside with the dog(s).
  • Pay careful attention to what the dog smells or noses when in your care.
  • Walk at a pace that matches the dog(s) energy and health.
    • Walk up to 17 minutes for a 20-minute visit or up to 27 minutes for a 30-minute visit.
  • Pick up all #2 and dispose of it properly (client’s trash bin or public bin).
  • Do not allow dog(s) to go #1 on flowers, trash bins, or personal property (cars, bicycles, etc.).
  • When walking a dog, always have the leash secured with your hand.

Ending the visit

  • Remove restraints only when inside and doors are secure.
  • Check the water bowl.
    • Add more if the level is low.
    • Replace if water is dirty
    • If water is clean and at a sufficient level, indicate that you checked it in the visit report.
  • Give treats, if allowed.
  • Give a verbal report or write an electronic visit report.
  • Secure the dog in its crate or room if needed.
  • Re-arm the alarm if present.
  • Lock all required locks to the home.
  • Ensure that any cats living in the home do not get out!
  • Mark your visit as “completed” in LeashTime.

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